about us

Spidr Design specializes in supporting your corporate marketing department with the digital knowledge, skills and expertise to achieve effective, measurable results online. Once we understand your traditional marketing objectives, we work behind the scenes to strategically plan and execute those goals in the digital space. From developing new websites or landing pages to managing site content to online advertising, we've got you covered.

who we are

  • We’re a dedicated team of eight of the hardest working individuals you’ll ever meet.
  • We're seamless. We're behind the scenes.
    We do what is needed and won't waste time with what's not.
  • We do our jobs from beginning till end then circle back and do them again. We are thorough. We take time to understand. We care.
  • We serve.
    We believe in every challenge lies an opportunity. We love opportunities.
  • We're lean. We're flexible. We adapt.
    We find ways to make things work. We don't give up. We over deliver.
  • We work hard.
    We do the right thing.

We are Spidr.


123 W Washington St.
Suite 322
Oswego, IL 60543

P: 630.383.2070